Optical system

Infinity corrected plan and Phase optics with Uniformly centered, interchangeable & parfocal, Tropicalized anti-fungus treatment ensures image excellence for long periods in conditions favoring to fungus growth.


LWD Plan Infinite 4X,40X
LWD Plan Infinite Phase PH10X,PH20X


High-point, Extra wide-field eyepiece EW10x/22

Diopter Correction

Dioptric adjustment available on the left eyepiece tube

Observation Head

Trinocular head inclined at 30 degree, Interpupillary distance 48mm - 75mm

Power supply

(a) Built-in illumination base with pre-centered 6V 30W halogen light/LED source coupled with an efficient collector lens system. Universal power supply 100V-240V AC 50Hz single phase.

Nose Piece

Quintuple nosepiece based on precision ball-bearing mechanism with positive click stop.


Aluminum die- cast body with all critical movements based on ball bearing and wire guides thereby ensuring smooth and precise manipulation

Mechanical Stage

Plane stage 160mm x 250mm with Stage Glass insert & Auxiliary stage 70mm x 180mm

Focusing System

Co-axial coarse and fine controls with a focus adjustment and fine adjustment knobs. Coarse stroke 37.7 mm per rotation and fine stroke 0.2mm per rotation

Condenser Holder

ELWD condenser NA 0.3, LWD 72mm (without condenser 150mm)

Phase Annulus

10X-20X Phase annulus plate


Blue, green and frosted glass, 45mm dia


(a) PH40x / 0.6 WD2.6mm (cover glass 1.2mm) phase contrast objective

(b) Attachable mechanical stage, X-Y co-axial control, Moving range 120mm x 78mm

(c) Terasaki holder, 38mm dia petri dish holder, 54mm dia slide glass holder

(d) Warm plate

(e) MagCam digital camera 3MP/5MP/10MP/HD camera

(f) Time lapse recording system