Superior quality with excellent service magnus supports research with premium optics that deliver crisp, bright, and consistent visualization.


Life Sciences & Research

Our Life science research microscopes support the imaging needs of the scientific community with advanced innovation and in measurement and analysis of complex structures.


Medical Sciences & Research

In medical applications, Magnus supports you with premium optics that deliver crisp, bright, and true color images. To further augment your view, our microscopes can also be upgraded with our Imaging platforms.


Microscopes are all about optics. At Magnus, we’re all about optics.

At Magnus, we focus on making Masterclass microscopes. Optics are the heart and soul of a microscope. We pride ourselves for producing some of the best optics in the world.

Inspired by a long association with Japanese manufacturing, Magnus is driven and committed to developing and manufacturing products for today’s scientific and medical community. These products are made in a highly automated plant using cutting edge technologies. We strive to continuously evolve to stay abreast with the speed of change in the technology world.