FL Inverse


Designed with intelligent ECO system

Based on the concept of energy conservation and environment protection.

Wide field plan eyepiece

Plan 10x eyepiece with 22 mm field of view

LWD Plan Achromat 4x / 0.13 (For BF/FL)

LWD Plan Achromat Phase 10x / 0.13 (For BF/PH)

LWD Semi plan Apo Phase 20x / 0.45 (For BF/PH/Fl)

LWD Semi Plan Apo Phase 40x / 0.65 (For BF/PH/FL) - Optional


Observation head

45° inclined trinocular head

inter-pupillary range: 50-75mm

Optical system

Infinity corrected optical system with Uniformly centered, interchangeable & parfocal , Tropicalized anti fungus treatment ensures image excellence for long periods in conditions favouring to fungus growth.


(a) LWD Plan Achromat 4X/0.13 (for BF/FL)

(b) LWD Plan Achromat Phase 10X/0.13 (for BF/PH)

(c) LWD Semi Plan Apo Phase 20x/0.45 (for BF/PH/FL)

(d) LWD Semi Plan Apo Phase 40x/0.65 (for BF/PH/FL)-Optional


High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/22mm, with adjustable diopter, micrometer attachable.

Diopter Correction

Dioptric adjustement available on both eyepiece

Observation head

45° inclined trinocular head

inter-pupillary range: 50-75mm


MagCam digital camera 3MP/5MP/10MP/HD camera

Magnification range

40x ~ 400x for observation

Nose Piece

Quintuple nosepiece based on precision ball-bearing mechanism with positive click stop.


Aluminium die- cast body with all critical movements based on ball bearing and wire guides thereby ensuring smooth and precise manipuation

Mechanical Stage

215mm X 250mm fixed stage; Optional: attachable mechanical stage with moving range: 120mm X 80mm; extension plate; slide holder;Petri dish holder; Teraseki holder; metal plate; glass plate

Focusing System

Co-axial coarse and fine controls with a focus adjustment and fine adjustment knobs.

Condenser Holder

LWD condenser with NA 0.3, WD 72mm

Fluorescence Attachment

(a) LED based fluorescence lamp house attachment, three band switiching.

(b) LED Module 470nm

(c) LED Module 560nm

(d) LED Module 385 nm

Fluorescence filters

(a) Blue filter (470nm LED)

(b) Green filter (560nm LED)

(c) UV filter ( 385 nm LED)