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  1. FL Inverse
    FL Inverse
    • Long working distance objectives
    • High eyepoint/eyepiece - FN 22mm
    • Fluorescence attachment
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  2. INVI
    • Ergonomic designed frame and superior optical system
    • Professional solution for clear micro-imaging and easy operation
    • Wide field plan eyepiece - Plan 10X eyepiece with 22mm field of view
    • 360° rotatable viewing head with 50mm-75mm adjustable inter-pupillary distance
    • Designed with intelligent ECO system - Based on the concept of energy conservation and environment protection
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  3. MLX plus
    • High-quality semi-plan optics
    • Anti-fungal, multilayer-coated optics
    • Parfocal and centred optics


    *MLX plus is known as Theia-fi in the Export Market.

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  4. CH20i
    • Easy interchangeable objectives
    • Optimization of illumination with aspheric lenses
    • Anti-fungal multi layered optics
    • High eyepoint Design eyepiece
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  5. MLXi plus
    • Plan infinity-corrected optics
    • Inward facing quadruple revolving nosepiece
    • Sidentopf head
    • Dual Slide Holder


    *MLXi plus is known as Theia-i in the Export Market.

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  6. Reflected LED Fluoroscence Microscope
    Reflected LED Fluoroscence Microscope
    • LED Source
    • Minimal Photo-bleaching
    • Two Applications in One
    • Module available with MLXiPlus or MX21i Microscope
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  7. MX21i
    • High eyepoint Design eyepiece (F.N. 20)
    • Plan superior imaging
    • Aspheric light relay system for bright and uniform illumination
    • Compact design for user convenience
    • Rackless Stage
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