Phase contrast Microscopes


Japanese-design optimum transmission Phase coatings

Prominent observation of unstained cells


Optimised for sperm and live cell analysis


Aluminium die-cast body with all critical movements based on ball bearing and wire guides thereby ensuring smooth and precise motions.

Mechanical Stage

Co-axial low drive mechanical stage (125 mm x 145 mm) (+/-5mm) with traverse area of 50mm x 76mm (+/-5mm) with dual slide holder.

Focusing System

Co-axial coarse and fine controls with a focus adjustment and fine adjustment knobs. Coarse focus range 20mm. Fine focus rotation 0.2mm.

Condenser Holder

Rack and pinion mounted condenser holder

Universal Condenser T-UCD

Universal condenser for Bright field, Darkfield and 5-Position turret for phase contrast, easy and smooth change over. Compact Clear View Centering Telescope (CT) with high-grade optical design and green glass filter for high contrast.

Illumination Base With Option

(a) Build-in illumination base with pre-centred 6V 20W halogen light source coupled with an efficient collector lens system. Universal power supply 100V-230V AC 50Hz single phase.

(b) 3W LED light source high brightness, long life (30,000hrs)

(c) LED light source (with battery back-up) high brightness, long life (30,000hrs). Battery back-up in-build NiMH rechargeable batteries provide 6 to 8 hrs back-up on a full charge.

Nose Piece

Quadruple revolving inward nosepiece based on precision ball-bearing mechanism with positive click stop.


Infinite phase contrast plan objectives N.A.
PH10x 0.25
PH20x 0.45
PH40x (spring-loaded) 0.65
PH100x (oil, spring-loaded) 1.25
Infinity corrected plan phase contrast optics --
Uniformly centred, interchangeable & parfocal --
Anti-fungus treated, chromatic aberration corrected lenses --

Inclined Observation Head

Binocular head (30 degrees inclined seidentopf). 360 degree rotatable, diopter adjustment.

Trinocular head (30 degrees inclined seidentopf). 360 degree rotatable, diopter adjustment.

Eyepiece (wide field) for Observation

WH 10x (FN 20mm) paired eyepiece. The unique optical design provides relief from eye fatigue and renders wide-field images of utmost clarity. Compatible with an optionally available eyepiece micrometer.

Specifications MLXi Plus Binocular version MLXi Plus Trinocular version
Body Yes Yes
Mechanical Stage Yes Yes
Focusing System Yes Yes
Condenser Holder Yes Yes
Universal Condenser T-UCD Yes Yes
Illumination Base With Option MLXi Plus MLXi -Tr Plus
-- MLXi Plus LED MLXi -Tr Plus LED
-- MLXi Plus Freedom MLXi -Tr Plus Freedom
Nose Piece Yes Yes
Objectives Yes Yes
Inclined Observation Head Yes --
-- -- Yes
Eyepiece (wide field) for Observation Yes Yes